Conversion Rate Optimization Methodology

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optimization methodology


conversion optimization methodology 1. Business Analysis and Online Traffic 2. Conversions and Visitors Analysis 3. Analysis and Testing Plan 4. Optimization Plan.See here our Optimization Methodology

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Our Conversion Rate Optimization Methodology

STEP 1. Business Analysis and Online Traffic

Understand the business objective and competition
Clear definition of online objectives
Competitive online analysis (traffic, conversion rate, online presence).
Detailed traffic source analysis and promotion methods (AdWords, online campaigns, affiliates, newsletters, direct and indirect traffic).
Analytics Report Analysis (focus on Behaviour Analytics – user experience)
Google AdWords Audit
Identify type of clients and online behaviour.

Behavioural Analytics

In-page or Customer Experience : AnalyticsRecords visitor interactions inside webpagesFocuses on the user experience, instead of just the user path

behavioural analytics

Google AdWords Audit

AdWords metrics analysis for identifying growth opportunity and PPC budget efficiencyCampaign analysis, keywords, conversions and ROIAdWords budget review, ad copy and account structureAudit review and optimization account proposaladwords audit

STEP 2. Conversion and Visitors Analysis

1. Identify user-experience issues
- Running usability tests
- Implement monitoring system (heatmap, overlay, scrollmap)
2. Conversion funnel analysis and micro-conversions
- Definine conversion funnels
- Conversion flow analysis
3. Non-conversion analysis (bounce, user objections)
– Implement user feed-back mechanism and understand non-conversion issues

Monitoring – heatmap, overlay, scrollmap

Click heatmaps
- Show you where visitors click within the page
- The best indication of customer intent
Attention heatmaps
- Show you what parts of the page get the most attention
Scroll-reach heatmaps
- Show you how far down the page visitors scroll
conversion optimization monitoringconversion optimization heatmap

Conversion funnel

Conversions Funnels show where potential customers drop out of your conversion process.On their own, they are best used for troubleshooting a website�s flow and finding conversion blockages

conversion optimization funnel
Combined with segmentation, they uncover a whole lot more information on the performance of you online campaigns.
conversion optimization segmentation

STEP 3. Analysis and Testing

1. Running optimization tests and defining wireframes2. Running A/B/n and Multivariate Test (MVT)3. Landing page optimization and customer channel segmentation

conversion optimization testing

STEP 4. Implementation and Analysis

1. Extend optimization tests2. Define the control version and defining the new tests3. Result analysis and extension of optimization tests4. Test extension to other channels

Instruments we Work with

conversion optimization instruments